Fabric expansion joints, bellows, gaiters, flexibles

We deliver an extensive range of fabric expansion joints (bellows, gaiters, flexibles). These absorb movement, provide vibration damping as well as thermal and noise insulation. Furthermore, the products are easy to install, are suitable for high operating temperatures and of course are constructed specifically for their respective application.

Fabric expansion joints are able to absorb axial, lateral and angular movement in the pipe work and in this manner provide a good connection of moving parts in a variety of conditions. Because a wide range of production processes occur in industrial installations, in the course of the development of fabric expansion joints, Van der Linden & Veldhuis examines various factors such as temperature, interior and exterior pressure, the movement to be absorbed and environmental factors.

Van der Linden & Veldhuis will provide a tailor-made technical solution on the basis of this data. Van der Linden & Veldhuis uses materials such as silica, Viton®, Hypalon®, various high-temperature filling, stainless steel wire mesh and PTFE. Examples of fabric expansion joints are fireproof fabric expansion joints, flexibles between two units (e.g. HVAC, boilers, etc.) and high-temperature compensators.

Summary of the fabric expansion joints:

  • Are tailor-made;
  • Selection from a variety of materials;
  • Absorb movement;
  • Provide vibration damping;
  • Provide thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Are suitable for high temperatures.

On the basis of the drawings and/or models, our specialists will manufacture high-quality products using the materials listed, in which the fabric expansion joints form an important group. Van der Linden & Veldhuis Isolatie B.V., which has been working with packings and gaskets since 1904, are experts. A wide range of experience with a multitude of products and applications. As a supplier of compression seal fittings, sheet and metallic packing, Van der Linden & Veldhuis Isolatie B.V. is renown in a variety of industries.

We deliver among other:

  • Compression seal fittings
  • Sheet packing
  • Punched packing
  • Dry and greased packing
  • Teflon packing and products
  • Packing cloth and tape, etc.…









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