Thermal insulation

Protection against temperature changes

Although these four words provide a good summary of thermal insulation, it hides an incredible diversity. The how, what and why differs per industry and per object. One customer must protect his product stored in a tank or pipe against temperature increase – i.e. it must be kept chilled or frozen. A different customer will require the exact opposite – he must protect his product against cooling – i.e. keep it warm. And in a third scenario the environment – and the people present in it – must be protected against the heat originating from installations and machinery. These different customers all have in common that temperature control is essential for the operational process. And additionally, that they can all rely on the expertise of Van der Linden & Veldhuis.



Good insulation maintenance is vital for the temperature control of industrial processes. This will help save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a longer service life of the installation. Scheduled maintenance is a keyword in this regard. The quality of the insulation can be shown with the use of infrared imaging. Van der Linden & Veldhuis supports the insulation of a large variety of installations and machinery. This knowledge and experience guarantees an excellent execution of the scheduled maintenance.

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