With the use of infrared imaging, the quality of (existing) insulation is verified. Shortcomings, which are not visible to the naked eye, can be found in this manner.

Van der Linden & Veldhuis has its own professional equipment at its disposal, with which so-called energy audits can be performed and – more importantly – well trained personnel for their operation and interpretation. The results of the audit can be worked out in a report with normal and infrared imaging, ensuring that you know precisely where points for improvement lie for your installation. Of course we will provide advice on how and at which cost this can be solved quickly and effectively. On the basis of the detected energy loss, we can calculate what the payback period will be until you achieve a return on your investment. Often these types of studies will indicate that the payback period is less than one year (or sometimes two), as a result of which the performance is practically always decided with a positive outcome.

In the event that you should temporarily have an insufficient budget, we can also assist you in drawing up a cost-saving programme in connection with the required investments and return on investment times. This can be used as a basis for your budget request and foundation.

We strongly advise you to utilise this technology. With this, you can anticipate the increasingly stringent requirements from the government, but above all you can improve your competitive position. For many companies, energy costs still remain a substantial part of the ultimate price of the delivered end product.



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