Asbestos removal

An enormous social responsibility

Asbestos removal poses an enormous social responsibility. After all, it concerns the health of the users of an object or installation. We can only operate in a single manner: Expertly and guaranteed fault-free. Van der Linden & Veldhuis has provided an important contribution to the determination of the strict Dutch regulations on the safe removal of asbestos. Asbestos removal is often the disassembly of very old insulation containing asbestos or structural constructions of fire-resistant components.

The removal is performed with strict discipline, which begins with an inspection and an analysis of occurring sources of asbestos. During the actual removal, the source of asbestos is isolated and separated from the immediate environment. The released asbestos fibres are collected by filter units. The components containing asbestos are packaged and carried off and the space or object that is to be processed is cleaned thoroughly. After this, an independent laboratory performs measurements in order to issue a declaration that it is asbestos-free.



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